Monica A. Razak

Developer | Designer | Innovator

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Oh, hey there,

I'm Monica - creative programmer, avid musician, and coffee enthusiast. More formally: a senior at Stevens Institute of Technology, pursuing a B.S. in Computer Science with a minor in Music & Technology and an M.E. in Engineering Management with a focus in Software Engineering.

Currently based in Hoboken, NJ, I enjoy being an active student leader on campus, taking a mixture of technical, business, and art classes, and making weekly trips to a new bookstore or coffee shop.

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My Passions.


I aim to build products that help users benefit from technologies both functionally and aesthetically.


I am interested in interface design and how a combination of well-written code and artistic design can positively affect user experiences.


The complexity of music fascinates me. I constantly analyze patterns in music and utilize this skill in my technical endeavors.


And this is how all the magic happens. The foundation of my success is two shots of espresso and the occasional black tea.

Work Experience.

Technical Skills.

With my technical skills, I am able to build accessible and user-friendly applications, always focusing on user experience. I am able to communicate technical designs to clients by analyzing requirements, generating wireframe mock-ups, and implementing MVPs.

60% Complete
70% Complete (success)
Angular.js | Node.js
20% Complete (info)
60% Complete (warning)
80% Complete (danger)
80% Complete (danger)
80% Complete (danger)


Relevant Courses.

Web Programming & Development
Data Structures
Human-Computer Interaction
Simulation & Modeling
Agile Methods for Software Development
Decision & Risk Analysis
Automata & Computation
Computational Organization & Programming
Discrete Structures
Concurrent Programming
Project Management of Complex Systems
Software Development Process

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Want to collaborate on code, make some music, or catch up over some coffee?